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Betterfeel has a team of two pathologists and over 06 technicians delivering diagnostic solutions in the areas of routine, semi specialty and super specialty domains like Oncology, Neurology, Gynaecology, Nephrology and many more.

We offer a comprehensive range of 200+ clinical laboratory tests and profiles, which are used for prediction, early detection, diagnostic screening, confirmation and/or monitoring of the disease.

The Company enjoys a loyal customer base, reflecting its strength as a brand offering superior diagnostic tests and services.

Betterfeel plays a pivotal role in raising the bar of diagnostic accuracy, technological equipment, customer experience and research-driven empathetic service in the industry.

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To be the most trusted scientific brand for customers and doctors globally, by delivering innovative inner health solutions to inspire every human for a healthier and happier life.

Sample Management

Accuracy, speed & patient focus. Key to Success.

Bi-directionally interfacing of data to minimize any type of clerical errors. All results undergo three levels of authorization to maintain the accuracy of the results. Disposal of medical waste is done through bio-hazard department. Doctors, laboratories as well as patients can now trust ‘Betterfeel Diagnostics’ for accurate test results.

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